Lauren trembath

How do we begin to envision a nonfiction equivalent of “metered” verse?

One way is to simply apply a word-count constraint.

This Lauren German photo gallery includes pics of her from the red carpet, beach, and even magazine photo shoots.

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It was so thin, so brittle, that when it finally broke it sounded like the snap of a pencil.” We lie in my bed in the dark, noses touching. You’re the only one I can talk to.” I feel like crying but don’t. That’s the first night I couldn’t sleep.” Ashley shifts closer to me, tucks her head into my neck, her dry eyes against my chest. I think about what it must have been like to know Amani’s legs were the dust stuck to the window, the ashes caked in her hair. Fort Carson Fort Carson’s website proclaims “BEST ‘HOMETOWN’ IN THE ARMY, HOME TO AMERICA’S BEST.” Fort Carson houses 15,000 soldiers.

Her body trembles against mine, but her voice stays steady. Twelve of these soldiers took their own lives in 2009.

The legs were tiny, made even smaller by the death of infected muscle.

And then she reviews three recent memoirs, seeming to find goodness in all of them, but bemoaning the fact that they aren’t , and thus can’t achieve what they might have been achieved had they been rendered in the literary form she most prefers: (Jill Bialosky’s half-sister) Kim haunts the book like a sweet ghost—one that is perhaps begging to rest at last in a novel, where such inner lives can indeed be recreated or at least imagined with specificity: ironically, the genre of the novel, with its subtle characterizations and rich and continuous dreamscape, remains a kind of gold standard for a genre that may be usurping it. Bialosky’s sister Kim is “haunting” a memoir about her death, “perhaps begging to rest at last in a novel,” because novels are the gold standard?

How can we get to an exercise that requires the concision of a sestina or tanka?

My first-ever MFA workshop was with Jeff Lockwood at the University of Wyoming, in fall 2011.

Moore, writing in T, begins gently enough, having a quick laugh with Fran Lebowitz and offering up the idea that “there are good reasons to embark on a memoir “: It is hard not to be impressed with Fran Lebowitz’s comedically acerbic dismissal of memoirs: when asked …

whether she would ever pen one, she quickly replied that if your life were all that interesting, someone else would write a book about it.


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